About Me

I strongly believe in the tenants of DIY and upcycling and that if we are to build a healthier more sustainable society we must learn to do great things with items that many would otherwise throw out. Because of this I spend a lot of time salvaging trashed and broken pieces of electronics for use in future projects and bringing old machines back to life. I carry this DIY approach into my activism and organizing as well. Using my vast network and contacts to build something often from nothing.


Rachele Clemente


I currently work as the Social Media and Comms Coordinator at Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club, as a part time Researcher and Designer for Jane Finch Action Against Poverty, and as a general Freelance web developer and mac repair specialist. I am a committed community and labour organizer having worked with over 90 different activist, labour/union, grassroots, and community organizations in positions as varied as graphic design, harm reduction worker, fundraiser, programming and board development, and policy research.

If you are looking for someone to fix your mac, design a poster/logo, or coordinate a large event for your non-profit/grassroots organization amongst other things reach out!


Email me by clicking this link!