Rebuilding Macs

I specialize in rebuilding Macbook Pro classics and older white unibody and intel Macbooks. To take a look at some of the machines I’ve revived take a look at my portfolio!

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Graphic Design

Whether its a poster, flier, or pamphlet I can design it for you!

Check out some of the design projects I’ve worked on in my portfolio!

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Events Coordination and Workshops

Having worked with organizations like OPIRG for years I’ve been able to hone my skills as a large events organizer with an inclination towards political and social justice oriented events, workshops, and symposiums.

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My name is Rachele, I am a community, DIY organizer and Jane of all trades with over 7 years of experience in a wide variety of things including; rebuilding mac laptops, large events coordination, direct action organizing, graphic design, and general tech maintenance.

I’m deeply committed to both social and environmental justice and I bring this commitment into all of the work that I do. This extends into the tech work that I do. I believe in the importance of promoting women and marginalized folks in tech as well as making it accessible to those without a university or college degree. I hold a firm commitment to the tenants of upcycling and DIY culture for this reason.


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If you have a mac that needs fixing or if you need help organizing a social or environmental justice oriented event get in touch with me!

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